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Exciting new technology of many kinds has made the art and science of dentistry more effective than ever. Dental laser cavity detection is one great example of this. Now, with a wand that is about the size of a pen, the dentist can find out whether or not you have tooth decay quickly and accurately. Using the principle of reflection of light, this laser-powered wand can diagnose decay and cavities that are in need of treatment early on, so that they don’t get the chance to get bigger and cause more trouble. Approved by both the FDA and the American Dental Association, dental laser cavity detection is state-of-the-art technology that makes life easier for both the dentist and the patient.

Why Dental Laser Cavity Detection is Better

You may be wondering why dental laser cavity detection is better than plain old dental x-rays for finding a cavity. There are several reasons. First, the dentist need not use sharp instruments to probe your mouth and teeth, which is less painful and also less damaging to the area. Laser cavity detection is also much more accurate than x-rays, and finds decay that x-rays alone cannot find. It also erases the doubt in cases where decay may exist, but the dentist can’t find out without doing something invasive to the tooth. It is totally non-invasive, and there is no radiation exposure. Even with teeth that have been treated with a fluoride-containing toothpaste for years and who may have harder outer enamel, laser cavity detection will find any existing decay that lurks beneath.

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