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Scottsdale Sedation Dentistry

Oral conscious sedation is a great way to have an anxiety free dentistry experience. Sedation can create little to no memory of dental treatment, smells or sounds. Oral conscious sedation is given in a pill form that is crushed and placed sublingually so that it will enter a persons system quicker. When sedation is used a person is placed on monitors. A person under sedation is sleepy yet coherent allowing communication to take place.

Douglas Family Dentistry is one of the premier Scottsdale Sedation Dentist. Sedation has allowed people that have high to low dental anxiety to have a great experience. Sedation also allows someone to have more treatment done in one visit then those that are not sedated. Even if some one does not have anxiety sedation is a great way to just be relaxed.

A person responds better in healing while sedated because your body is completely relaxed. Sedation can be used even with a small dental appointment. As an expert Scottsdale Sedation Dentists, we allow any patient that fits the medical criteria also that just feels they would like to try and relax. No one enjoys going to the dentist so why not have a great experience?

If you feel sedation is something for you, an extended medical history is to be completed. Upon acceptance of the sedation medical history in most cases medication will be called in to get a great nights sleep, then additional medication will be given at appointment.
A driver is always needed no matter how coherent a person may feel. Sedation also creates a loss of time, as a patient it seems like you were only here for a short amount when you may have been here for a few hours.

Oral conscious sedation is accommodating to most budgets. Now because of sedation no one has to be afraid anymore to go to the dentist.

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