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If you a need a root canal, then you are likely feeling the pain of a damaged tooth.  Dentists recommend root canals when there is a chance to save a tooth that has been infected at the nerve level.  In many cases, dentists who perform root canals in Scottsdale can help save a tooth that would otherwise have to be pulled.

Infections in your mouth can lead to serious complications if they are treated the right way.  If your tooth becomes infected at the root level, you could develop a serious abscess, which can be incr02edibly painful.  It’s best to deal with a problem tooth before you get to this point, but if you have waited to long then an emergency root canal may be your best and only option for saving the tooth.

If you are letting worry keep you from getting a root canal, keep in mind that a well-trained dentist knows how to properly numb the area and can offer things like sedation dentistry to make the experience much more comfortable for you.  You can simply drift off to sleep and wake up once the procedure is done.  Many individuals choose to take pain medication after their root canal in order to minimize the pain.  Taking pain meds and sticking to a soft diet for the first few days is a good idea with any treatment, and can help to minimize the discomfort of a root canal.

When you take care of root canal fast enough, you can minimize the damage to your tooth which always the goal in dentistry.  By preserving as many of your natural teeth as possible throughout your life, you’ll be setting yourself up for better dental health when you get older.  So, don’t let fear or cost prevent you from getting a root canal.  It’s an important step to take when it comes to reducing future dental problems and for getting rid of the pain you may be already experiencing.  Be smart when it comes to your dental health, and you’ll be glad you did.