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When we meet someone new, whether it’s for a job interview, a blind date, or just a fun social gathering, one of the first things people notice about us is our smile. Having confidence in a smile you truly like can make these social occasions more fun and less stressful. Sometimes, the appearance of the gums can detract from the look of a smile. When this occurs, learning more about the benefits of laser gum recontouring makes good sense. If your gums are excessively prominent or are irregular in shape, a dentist can use laser gum recontouring to reshape and redefine your smile. This procedure only need be done once, because it’s permanent! Then, you can walk away with your new, beautiful smile for life.

The Laser Gum Recontouring Procedure

The laser gum recontouring procedure is so painless that, in general, no anesthetic at all is required. For those whose gums are very sensitive, however, a local anesthetic may be used. The procedure involves no cutting or drilling, so you can go home as soon as it’s finished and all you may experience is some soreness or tenderness of the gums, which will go away in a short time. The laser tool cauterizes the gum tissue as it reshapes it, so there is no bleeding afterwards. When the procedure is completed, you’ll be given detailed instructions on how to care for your mouth and what kinds of foods and beverages to consume as the area heals. If there is post-op discomfort, this can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication like tylenol or motrin.

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If your gums are misshapen or if you’re not happy with the way they look, call to schedule an appointment with an Arizona laser gum recontouring dentist today. You deserve to have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. At Douglas Family Dentistry, our professional staff will make your smile look like new in our clean, calming environment. Visit our website at douglasfamilydentistry.com or call us at 480-948-3680 and schedule a time to come in for a free consultation. We’ll explain the laser gum recontouring procedure to you and show you how it can work in your unique individual case.