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Searching for the Perfect Scottsdale Sedation Dentist?

For many, a trip to the dentist comes with stress, anxiety, and apprehension. So, if you’re in Scottsdale and suffer from “I dread going to the dentist syndrome”, then it’s time to contact Douglas Family Dentistry for the comprehensive sedation dentistry you need.

Understanding Sedation Dentistry

Since visits to the dentist can make many individuals feel uncomfortable, various medications are available to relax and bring ease to those hesitant dental patients.

“For some dental visits, your dentist may use a sedative, which can induce moderate sedation. Sedatives can be administered before or during dental procedures. Sedation methods include inhalation (using nitrous oxide), oral (by taking a pill) and intravenous (by injection),” states the American Dental Association. “More complex treatments may require drugs that can induce deep sedation, reducing consciousness in order to relieve both pain and anxiety. On occasion, general anesthesia can be used, in which drugs cause a temporary loss of consciousness,” adds the ADA.

In addition to easing and relaxing a patient, sedation dentistry has additional benefits including:

  1. Comfort– not only will you be sedated, but you will have very little to no awareness of the intensity of your dental procedure.
  2. Swiftness of procedures- in the early days of dental practices, it was commonplace to have to see a patient multiple times or over the course of days or weeks to complete one procedure. A sedation dentist using effective sedation dentistry can eliminate the need for prolonged visits and efficiently perform the required dental procedures on patients, usually in one visit and half the time.
  3. Special needs – for patients who have special needs, sedation dentistry may prove to be an asset. Hypersensitivity, extreme discomfort, and fright can be eliminated for individuals with special needs as sedation dentistry helps to facilitate and streamline a more effective and productive dental visit.
  4. Limited memory- sedation dentistry can provide limited to no memory of dental procedures to patients with extreme discomfort and fear and dread of the dentist. For many patients, knowing what took place provides an opportunity for a visual and mental picture, thus causing anguish. For many patients, the less they know, the better off they are.

Your Trusted Scottsdale Sedation Dentist

Douglas Family Dentistry is your trusted sedation dentist here in Scottsdale and we would love to show you why! Founded by Dr. Paul Douglas over two decades ago, Douglas Family Dentistry has built a dental practice upon foundations of trust, dedication, and innovation, one patient at a time.

Let Dr. Douglas be the sedation dentist you need and desire for that dental procedure. He and his compassionate staff will provide you with sedation dentistry that will exceed your exceptions.

So for the Scottsdale sedation dentist you desire, contact Douglas Family Dentistry; you’ll smile knowing that “dreaded dental visit” is a distant memory!