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Are You Looking for a Patient & Pain-Free Dentist in Scottsdale?

If you’ve avoided dental visits due to the pain you experience during and after dental procedures, then perhaps you need to visit Douglas Family Dentistry, Scottsdale’s dental practice with an experienced pain-free dentist, ready to serve you. Founded by Dr. Paul Douglas over twenty years ago, Dr. Douglas and the dental staff at Douglas Family Dentistry realize that one of the top reasons many don’t visit the dentist is due to the pain that comes with dental procedures.

Dental Pain and Lack of Dental Care

If you’re one of the many adults who has chosen to forego your bi-annual dental visits due to the pain you associate with them, then chances are you suffer from dental anxiety or DA. “”Pain catastrophizing” refers to an exaggerated negative mental set brought to bear during an actual or anticipated painful experience. A patient’s perception of a dental care experience as catastrophic can result not only in poor satisfaction with the therapy but also in avoidance of necessary treatments, resulting in the deterioration of oral health,” states the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

Dentistry has certainly advanced from the days of lengthy and cumbersome dental procedures. During those times, many patients were driven away and simply avoided visits to the dentist. Instead, they chose to live with decaying teeth and less than stellar oral health.

Douglas Family Dentistry, Your Pain-Free Dentist Solution

At Douglas Family Dentistry, you will receive groundbreaking and first-class pain-free solutions for your dental care. In addition to oral conscious sedation, Douglas Family Dentistry also offers an array of pain-free solutions for some of the most painful dental procedures.

Founded by Dr. Paul Douglas, Douglas Family Dentistry has built a dental practice on the foundation of innovative dental procedures, truth, trustworthiness, and accountability, one patient at a time.

Dr. Douglas and his team of dental specialists provide non-obligatory consultations as well as the most comfortable and relaxed dental environment. Dr. Douglas, your Scottsdale pain-free dentist, is ready to put your mind at ease while offering you the most comprehensive dental care. So contact Douglas Family Dentistry for the pain-free dental care you need and deserve!