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One of the more destructive dental problems that people face takes place at a time when they don’t even know that they are doing it.  That’s because grinding and clenching teeth usually takes place when a person is fast asleep.  Bruxism, as it is known in medical terms, is a major cause of tooth, gum and jaw problems.  And if it isn’t addressed, the problems can only compound themselves.

When a person continuously grinds on their teeth, they flatten the surface, causing pain, cracked teeth, receding gums and eventually tooth loss.  These patients will eventually need implants, crowns, bridges, or possibly tooth extractions to correct an untreated grinding and clenching problem.

Fortunately, night guards provide an effective alternative.

But the key to using a night guard is not to buy one off the shelf at a local drug store.  Even with boiling to make them more flexible, there’s a high probability that they will not fit properly, may fall out at night and will end up in a dresser drawer somewhere in your bedroom.

Custom fitted night guards are the best way to ensure that this is a viable and appropriate plan of protection for your teeth, gums and jaw.   Custom fitting involves taking an impression of your teeth and jaw, analyzing the severity of the grinding and deciding on how thick and what type of materials the night guard should be made of, creating the best possible outcome for the user.  Typically, custom night guards will last between six months and two years, depending on the severity of the problem.

Working with a dentist, you can expect the cost for a custom night guard to run between $300 and $500, which is a relatively cheap investment, considering the negative alternative that you could otherwise face.

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