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Healthy teeth are naturally very strong, but there are situations in which they can break off, fracture or chip off in places.  People often break or experience a chipped tooth doing the most basic activities, including eating hard foods, playing sports or simply falling down.  No matter what the reason, it’s important to see a dentist specializing in general dentistry in Scottsdaledentist right away.  If there is a break that is the result of a cavity, the root will need to be treated to avoid further damage.  It’s best to let the experts access the situation to ensure the best possible treatment for your situation.

When examining your mouth after you’ve broken or chipped a tooth, the dentist will look at the severity and type of injury that occurred to determine the best course of action.  Small cracks in the surface that mostly affect the enamel layer don’t always require treatment other than some light polishing to smooth or the rougher areas.  Small areas of chipping can typically either be left alone or repaired with a special bonding material.  This can be a quick and easy way to fix a damaged smile and to make your bite feel normal again without having to replace the healthy tooth.

A fully cracked tooth can often be filled and repaired just like a cavity while some cracks may require a crown to avoid root damage.  If the break is too deep or if it damaged too much of the tooth, then you’ll need to get a root canal right in addition to a crown to replace the lost tooth.

When it comes to broken and chipped teeth, it can be tough to gauge the severity of the damage based on looks alone.  Visit your dentist for a full examination of the affected tooth or teeth so that you can make an informed decision on how to treat it.  That’s the best way to proceed when it comes maintaining a great looking smile.