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Cavities, the common tooth problem, can evolve into larger issues that require root canals if not taken care of when they first appear. Laser cavity detection, also known as DIAGNOdent technology, is a highly sophisticated handheld tool that allows patients to avoid costly dental restorations by detecting cavities in their early stages.

How It Works

Most people don’t realize cavities do not always require a filling, especially when they are detected early. Past methods of detecting cavities included x-rays and/or dental probing. The problem is that by the time decay is detected on an x-ray or by manual probing, there is already significant structural damage within the tooth, and a dental filling is required.

Thanks to modern dental technology, things have changed and improved in terms of cavity detection. Using lasers, we can now detect an area of decay at its earliest stages and before the cavity has compromised the healthy tooth surface.

DIAGNOdent technology is a highly sophisticated handheld tool that allows patients to avoid costly dental restorations. The early intervention method relies on a pen-like probe that emits a laser beam into each tooth. The system then evaluates the fluorescence of each tooth and produces an audio signal and digital readout the dentist uses to correct the exact spot where a cavity may be forming.

Laser Cavity Detection Benefits

  • Eliminates the cost of more costly procedures later on
  • Painless
  • Does not require a local anesthetic
  • Low-cost procedure
  • Prevention of painful cavities
  • Eliminates root canals
  • Safe/no radiation exposure

Fear of the Dentist

Many people fear going to the dentist because of past experiences they do not remember fondly. Maybe the visits weren’t particularly painful, but the very idea of lengthy probing in your mouth puts people off. They’re worried. What will the dentist find? Will it require more serious invasive intervention? The regular use of laser cavity detection from a visit to visit virtually ensures that nothing serious is going on, and if it is, it’s likely to be easily remedied.

Accurate Diagnosis

Laser technology is precise and accurate in a way that other forms of technology, such as an X-ray, are not. Plus, X-rays are only performed once a year, giving any decay time to spread further into the tooth and cause significant damage. By employing our laser cavity detention system, we can easily detect cavities when you come in every six months for your cleaning and checkup. By catching cavities early, we can also preserve more of your natural tooth.

Cost Savings

Most people have had the experience of leaving the dentist’s office with the prospect of a potentially big dental bill. While dental insurance is a good idea, most do not cover everything. For people without insurance, bills can be staggering, especially if they’ve let things go to the point of multi-dental intervention. Regular checks with a laser detection device significantly eliminate larger dental bills in the future.

The Douglas Family Dentistry Experience

Decay is the most common oral health problem we see in children and adults. When detecting cavities, the sooner we can catch decay, the better. That’s why it’s important to visit our dental practice every six months for cleanings and checkups.

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