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Are You Seeking to Perfect Your Smile with Invisalign ® in Scottsdale?

If you’ve decided to achieve a perfect smile with Invisalign ® teeth aligners, then it’s time to see Dr. Paul Douglas and the team at Scottsdale’s Douglas Family Dentistry.

As a certified Invisalign ® provider, Dr. Douglas and the dental specialists at Douglas Family Dentistry will ensure that your Invisalign ® teeth aligners will effectively straighten your teeth, creating a beautifully contoured smile you can be confident sharing with others for years to come!

Invisalign ®  & You

Gone are the days of conventional metal braces that involve time-consuming maintenance and pain when tightened. Invisalign ® is revolutionizing the way teeth are straightened, with non-invasive teeth straighteners, that that only require slight adjustments in daily habits. Invisalign ® aligners can be taken out to eat, drink, brush your teeth, and floss them. The mouth trays are transparent and even undetectable by many individuals. Furthermore, unlike conventional braces, Invisalign ® aligners will not cut, scrape, or scratch the inside of the mouth.

Invisalign ® continues to be a preferred method of teeth straightening for many, and has converted crooked teeth to straight smiles in approximately five-million individuals to date!

Invisalign ® corrects issues such as overcrowding, gaps, overbites, underbites, and more.

Choosing Scottsdale’s Douglas Family Dentistry for Your Invisalign ®

When you choose Dr. Douglas and the Douglas Family Dentistry dental practice for your Invisalign ® aligners, you’re choosing a dental practice with over two decades of experience and service to Scottsdale. Furthermore, Dr. Douglas stays abreast of the latest methods and procedures involving Invisalign ® aligners, ensuring your time wearing them is effective, yet minimal.

For your Invisalign ® journey, Douglas Family Dentistry will begin with a comprehensive consultation. There, you will discuss cost, the approximate time for wearing your aligners, and more, as a detailed and custom Invisalign ® treatment plan will be designed for you.

As a Scottsdale Invisalign ® provider, Dr. Douglas and the dental experts at Douglas Family Dentistry will also offer Invisalign ® patients the option of using their customized teeth aligners as teeth whitening trays.

So if you’ve been thinking about Invisalign ® to correct your smile, contact Douglas Family Dentistry today and discuss your treatment and options today!