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Braces. Remember the kids with the mouthful of metal? Admit it. You were glad it wasn’t you. You wondered how they ate; how they brushed their teeth? Those days seem far away from today’s Invisalign®, the miracle technology that straightens teeth without the unsightly torturous scaffolding.

How Invisalign Works

Depending on the complexity of your case, you could complete treatment in as little as six months and start seeing results in a matter of weeks. But don’t think it’s simply a matter of snapping a correcting tray into your mouth and, voila! Your teeth are miraculously perfectly straight. There’s more to Invisalign than wearing a straightening gadget. There are steps involved that require definite patience on your part and the application of dental expertise.

  • A digital scan is first taken of your mouth and bite.
  • From the scan, a set of customized trays are made, which get switched out every two weeks.
  • The pressure exerted over time gradually aligns the teeth.
  • Teeth must be cleaned each time trays get reinserted; trays are worn 20-22 hours each day.

Interproximal Reduction

Some Invisalign patients will need a procedure called IPR, or Interproximal Reduction. During IPR, small amounts of space are created between pairs of teeth to allow for tooth movement as needed. The process also involves reshaping or resizing specific teeth to alleviate crowding and the need to extract extraneous teeth. IPR is minimally invasive.

Age Limitations

  • There is no magic age for Invisalign. It’s typically used in teenagers and adults, but children and even teenagers can still have trouble if their teeth aren’t finished growing.
  • Seniors are generally good candidates for Invisalign. Not only is it the chapter in their life when they may have the means to correct bites, but the one that aesthetic enhancement can make you feel more youthful, confident, and attractive.

Not Everyone’s a Candidate

While Invisalign is an excellent option for teeth straightening, there are a few things that can disqualify you as a candidate.

  • Have active gum disease or cavities
  • Need mouth surgery or extreme dental procedures
  • Large overbites and other jaw irregularity conditions
  • Dental implants, bridges, or TMJ issues
  • Tiny, eroded, or misshapen teeth

Not all these issues necessarily disqualify you as a candidate. Only your dentist can assess whether Invisalign is right for you.

Insurance Coverage and Cost

Some dental insurance plans will pay some or all Invisalign costs. The cost of Invisalign treatment is like braces. The average price of Invisalign is around $4800; insurance may cover up to $1800. The remaining $3000 can be paid interest-free in installments over 36 months.

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