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We offer many insurance options for maximum convenience

Because we are a practice focused on families, we understand the impact certain dental procedures can have on family finances.  Fillings, extractions, orthodontics, knocked out teeth and other routine and dental emergencies can create quite a bit of disruption in a family’s budget.

That’s why Douglas Family Dentistry proactively and aggressively works with dental insurance providers, doing our part to make dental care affordable to as may people as possible.

We accept dental insurance from several major carriers as payment.  Some of the providers we work with include:

PPO stands for “preferred provider organization” meaning that patients can visit any provider they want to, as long as they are “in-network,” meaning they have a contract with the insurance company.  Generally, a patient will have to pay some kind of deductible before dental bills are fully covered.

Some of our patients prefer to plan ahead and soften the blow of health and dental costs by participating in health savings accounts.  A health savings account is much like a personal savings account, except that patients put money into a dedicated account without having to pay taxes on these funds.  The trade-off is that these dollars can only be used for healthcare expenses.  The patient controls the money in the account and can use it to pay for any health and dental expenses that are not covered by insurance.  The primary downside of an arrangement like this is that funds do not roll over from year to year.  They must be used in a single calendar year, or the patient loses the money in the account.

Different plans and individual providers will offer varying degrees of coverage, so if you’re concerned about the costs of an upcoming procedure or you want pre-authorization, it’s best to check with our offices first so that we can assist you in understanding what your obligations will be.

Located at 10630 North Scottsdale Road, Douglas Family Dentistryserves families in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Glendale and surrounding Arizona communities.  For appointments and more information, call the office at (480) 948-3680.