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If your teeth are sensitive to other whitening products, can you use GLO products?

  • GLO Science has innovated and designed their product to eliminate sensitivity issues. Because the whitening gel is free of ingredients (carbamide peroxide and alcohol) commonly known to dry out your gums and cause sensitivity, you can be confident your teeth will whiten without discomfort. Even more, the GLO Brilliant Whitening Gel is designed to stay in place and does not transfer onto the gums or other soft tissue.

Is the LED blue light safe?

  • The blue light emitted by the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening System has no negative effect on the human body and is ultimately, harmless. The “visible light spectrum” ranges from about 400 nm (nanometers) to 700 nm, and the GLO system’s LED blue light has a wavelength of about 470 nm, making it safe for users.

What is the difference between GLO Brilliant Whitening G-Vial Gel and other formulas?

  • Because hydrogen peroxide needs to be stored in a sealed environment to preserve its effectiveness, other formulas tend to be unstable. Luckily, the G-Vial is a proprietary system that uses a hermetically sealed vial to keep the whitening gel active and prevent oxygen molecules from escaping. Also, the G-Vial makes applying the gel with precision seamless with its east-to-apply brush tip. This applicator makes it easy to avoid the lips and gums and, therefore, prevents sensitivity.

Is the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening System effective on porcelain veneers, dental implants, and bonded teeth?

  • Although GLO Brilliant Whitening cannot whiten your teeth past its original state, the system still works wonders at lifting any stains and brightening any artificial tooth surface. So yes, the GLO system can brighten your veneers, dental implants, and bonded teeth.

Can I use GLO Whitening on teeth fillings made up of composite resin?

  • While GLO Whitening is entirely safe to use on your fillings, the white shade of composite resin is usually matched to your natural tooth color. Therefore, you may want to schedule an appointment with your dentist to whiten them further and match your other teeth.

How white can I make my teeth?

  • The results of GLO Brilliant differ from person to person because of the unique shade your tooth enamel starts with at birth. However, this system will allow you to reach your tooth’s maximum level of whiteness and brightness.

Are there any precautions I should take with sensitive gums?

  • Make sure to apply the lip care to the gum area to create a protective barrier over the gums. This step will help to prevent any sensitivity.

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