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Everyone wants a sparkling smile. You’ve tried dozens of teeth-whitening products—pens, toothpaste, trays—and you still aren’t satisfied with the result. It could be your teeth have discolored to the point when regular whiteners aren’t strong enough. Without a doubt, GLO Professional Dental Whitening Treatments are your best option.

GLO Whitening Treatments are offered by dentists who partner with GLO. Short for Guided Light Optics, this modern whitening system uses gentle heat and light to extract the worst stains from teeth, leaving them sparkling white.

Patented Illuminating Heat Technology: The GLO Edge

GLO is the only teeth whitening technology with a controlled illuminating heat mouthpiece for fast whitening and optimal patient comfort. GLO eliminates all the annoying bugs found in similar whitening systems.

  • Uncontrolled, excessively high temperatures
  • Bathing roots in the harsh whitening gel
  • Escaping oxygen ions that limit whitening effectiveness
  • Side effects include tooth dehydration, difficult rebound, and associated discomfort.

How it works

A gentle yet measurable amount of heat helps hydrogen peroxide sink into the outer layers of the teeth, accelerating whitening. The heat is powerful enough to push the hydrogen peroxide to react, yet gentle enough so as not to contribute to the degradation of the teeth. To ensure the integrity of the dental enamel, the temperature remains below 128 degrees, a delicate balance carefully monitored by a trained dental pro.

If you are still confused about how GLO works, it’s simple. Your teeth have pores just like your skin. Teeth discoloring (stains) enter the pores. GLO treatments penetrate the pores and lift stains away without damaging the enamel.

State-of-the-Art Science

GLO uses gentle heat, light, and sensitivity-free hydrogen peroxide to brighten smiles fast. Dentists and patients love the technology because it not only offers a comfortable whitening experience and does it in half the time needed by other similar whitening treatments. GLO provides a gentle yet measurable amount of heat-enhanced hydrogen peroxide whitening—a mixture strong enough to whiten without degrading tooth enamel.

Why GLO Products

There are many advantages to GLO products, including:

  • GLO devices and products are designed by dentists for safety and effectiveness
  • Of the many whitening systems available, dentists nationwide prefer GLO
  • Short treatment durations (16 min)
  • Whitening results in a fraction of the time
  • No pain or sensitivity issues
  • 4X the whitening production
  • GLO home products make home whitening maintenance easy and convenient.

The GLO Home Product Environment

  • GLO Brilliant White Smile Device
  • Mint Teeth Whitening Viles in Single and Multi-Packs
  • Eco Balance Deep Clean and Gum Restoration Booster
  • Go-to GLO Deep Whitening Pen

Why Whiten at the Dentist Office

GLO treatments are done in the dentist’s office. Its application takes practice. There’s a lot to monitor for best results, like ensuring heat levels remain under 128 degrees for best results. A delicate heat/light balance is tricky; it must be administered by a trained dental professional.

 The Douglas Family Dentistry Experience

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