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Gearing Up for a Visit to a Scottsdale General Dentist?

It’s time to visit the dentist, and you’re interested in one who offers general dentistry. Look no further than Douglas Family Dentistry, your premier Scottsdale general dentist.

General Dentistry & You

As a primary dental provider, your general dentist treats, diagnoses, and manages your overall oral health. Whether you’re in need of dental bridges, a root canal, dental fillings, dental crowns dental implants, or other care your general dentist can ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy.

Medical News Today defines dentistry as, “… the science and art of preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease, injuries, and malformations of the teeth, jaws, and mouth. Good dental hygiene and oral care are important to maintain healthy teeth, gums, and tongues and to prevent and treat oral problems such as bad breath, dry mouth, tooth decay, cold sores, and thrush.”

Many factors play a role in your dental health, and a general dentist can address these factors as they pertain to your teeth and oral care. Diet, disease, regular brushing, and flossing play a vital role in overall oral health.

In a recent study published by NPR’s Ideas Stations, ancient human dental fossils are providing researchers information about prehistoric dental practices. “A recent study of ancient dental fossil remains are helping scientists learn some interesting things about human teeth. While modern practices have often been linked to the decay and destruction of our teeth, many of the issues we face today can be seen in some of our earliest family members. So, let’s dig into this one ache at a time,” stated the Idea Stations’ website. “The modern diet’s use of refined sugars and carbs has been connected to cavities in our teeth, but what about before modern agriculture? Homo Naledi, one of our ancient relatives dating back nearly 700,000 years, apparently also had cavities likely being attributed to their diet of fruits, veggies, and honey! In fact, cavities have now been found in nearly every prehistoric hominid species,” added the site.

Scottsdale General Dentist & Comprehensive Dental Care

Founded by Dr. Paul Douglas, Scottsdale’s Douglas Family Dentistry has been a pillar of quality dental care for over two decades. Douglas Family Dentistry is dedicated to providing the finest patient care and satisfaction. With Douglas Family Dentistry, you can be assured of a welcoming environment, as well as the most comprehensive and innovative dental practices and procedures.

So,  stop your search for a general dentist here in Scottsdale and contact Douglas Family Dentistry; your wonderful and welcoming dental care awaits!