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TMJ pain, or temporomandibular pain, is pain that occurs in the jaw area at the joint where the jawbone is connected to the skull. This is the joint that enables the mouth to open and close, and it is used in chewing and speaking. TMJ pain can be caused by teeth grinding, by trauma to the jaw, by arthritis, or by other factors. Dentists are trained to diagnose and treat TMJ pain and will generally use non-invasive methods first to try to remedy this problem. If you have clicking or popping sounds coming from the jaw area when opening or closing your mouth, or if you have frequent headaches, pain in the jaw or ear area, or pain behind the eyes, you could be suffering from TMJ pain. A visit to the dentist is likely to help you find relief.

Remedies for TMJ

There are many home remedies you can try for relief from TMJ pain. Eating only soft foods for awhile may be helpful. The application of ice to the area can reduce swelling, and this can be alternated with moist heat. When pain is persistent, NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen will usually provide relief, but take them only as directed and with caution. If you are someone who grinds your teeth in your sleep, the dentist may prescribe a splint that will fit over the teeth to prevent this grinding. Rest to the area is also helpful, so you should avoid opening your mouth very wide.

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