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Digital dental x-rays are important diagnostic tools in dentistry. They enable dentists to locate cavities as well as gum disease, tumors, and abnormalities of the jaw and bite. Digital imaging is the modern way to do dental x-rays, using special sensors that eliminate the need for film. This technique exposes the patient to less radiation than the older film method, and it’s easy for the dentist to enlarge the images for more detailed examination. It’s important to have dental imaging regularly as part of a comprehensive prevention and treatment plan for dental health. When this is done, problems can be treated earlier so that they do not become bigger problems that are more expensive and that take more time to treat.

Types of Dental X-Rays

There are several different types of dental x-rays that are used to diagnose issues with various parts of the teeth, mouth and jaw. In the bitewing x-ray, the dentist gets a look at the rear portion of the upper and lower jaw areas so that he/she can check for cavities or bone loss in those areas. Bitewing x-rays cover the tooth crown and sub-gum area. Periapical view x-rays are x-rays that are often done prior to a root canal or work that is to be done on the gums. This view takes images of the actual tooth roots. When the dentist suspects that there may be a problem within the jaw bone, occlusal views may be done. These images examine the actual bone for tumors and can also diagnose issues with loss of bone or obstructed salivary gland ducts.

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