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Are You Seeking a Dedicated Dental Impressions Dental Practice in Scottsdale?

The field of Digital Dental Impressions continues to grow and thrive. So, if you’re in the market for Digital Dental Impressions here in Scottsdale, look no further than Douglas Family Dentistry for the state-of-the-art digital impressions you desire!

Dental Impressions & You

“Digital dental impression is a revolutionary technological advancement that so surpasses the accuracy and efficiency of former techniques for obtaining replicas of prepared teeth for the purpose of fabricating restorations that its adoption by dentists is rapidly eclipsing the use of elastomeric impression materials,” as defined by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. “…Digital impressions have proven to reduce remakes and returns, as well as increase overall efficiency. The patient also benefits by being provided a far more positive experience. Finally, through the use of digital impression making, it has been determined that laboratory products become more consistent and require less chair time at insertion,” adds the publication.

While a relatively modern procedure, it is imperative that digital dental impressions be performed by an adept and experienced dental professional. You’ll find these professionals at Scottsdale’s Douglas Family Dentistry.

Digital Dental Impressions offer an array of benefits including improved quality, resulting in better-fitting dental implants and enhancements, the elimination of the usage of conventional materials and tools, electronic storage which helps with a reduction in paperwork, quick turnaround time, and more!

Scottsdale’s Most Dedicated Digital Dental Impressions Team

Douglas Dental Dentistry is your “one-stop Digital Dental Impressions shop”. Founded by Dr. Paul Douglas over two decades ago, Douglas Family Dentistry offers the most comprehensive Digital Dental Impressions that are functional as well as aesthetically appealing.

Douglas Family Dentistry will begin your Digital Dental Impressions with a consultation, followed by a comprehensive dental examination. You’ll be able to address issues, receive answers to questions you have, and gather a full and broad perspective about your Digital Dental Impressions.

So, for the Digital Dental Impressions you desire, contact Douglas Family Dentistry today and count on a sensational smile tomorrow!