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Digital Dental Impressions (DDI), also known as 3-D intraoral scanning, is the latest technology in capturing a detailed snapshot of what’s going on in your mouth. Simply put, dentists use a wand-like scanning tool connected to a computer and advanced software to create a virtual 3-D model of your mouth. The model gets sent off to a lab where your devices are made. It is the next generation in dental impression technology. You remember the old one, trays full of gooey purple stuff that took forever to set. Good news. That’s out; Digital Dental Impressions are in. What used to be an unpleasant dental visit is now a modern digital process done in minutes.

What Is an Intraoral Scanner?

DDI imaging is done with an intraoral scanner, a handheld device that creates digital impression data of the oral cavity. Light source from the scanner reads objects ­– teeth, gums, dental arches. Accurate details of the hard and soft tissues in your mouth come through as high-quality 3-D pictures immediately read by the dentist and then sent off to a lab where devices—bridges, caps, veneers—are created.

Intraoral scanners use advanced 3D imaging to capture the exact shape and contours of the teeth and mouth – information that allows the dentist to provide spot-on treatment. The results of a full-arch scan are immediately shared with the patient—a visual image more likely to prompt patients to move forward with treatment plans. Is one picture worth a thousand words?

Benefits of an Intraoral Scan and DDI for Dentists and Patients

  • Fast scans
  • Accurate impressions
  • Precise results
  • Patient comfort
  • Greater scan depth
  • Sharing of images with dental specialists such as periodontists and endodontists
  • Clinical workforce time savings
  • Dentists’ competitive edge
  • Time-saving: staff productivity increases
  • Reduced lab costs
  • Accurate models
  • Eliminates device remakes
  • Saves on patient rescheduling when devices don’t fit

Patient Education

Along with being an excellent diagnostic tool, Digital Dental Impressions let dentists share indisputable evidence of dental conditions of which patients might not be aware. From the preventative dentistry perspective, DDI as a tool is more than a method for taking impressions. It is a visual diagnostic aid for potential problems and for warding off more serious ones in the future.

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