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We’ve all sat in the dentist’s chair and endured the probing and poking with that little hooked instrument. The quizzical look on the dentist’s face has you worried—”Oh, I must have cavities.” Fortunately, poking and prodding are now a thing of the past. New laser technology has changed that—just a few harmless swipes pinpoints not only cavities but areas likely to become cavities in the future.

How the DIAGNOdent Cavity Detector Works

DIAGNOdent consists of a pen-like probe that sends a safe and painless laser beam into the tooth to measure internal fluorescence. The laser operates at a specific wavelength (655 nm) and uses two-way optics to quantify the amount of light reflected from the tooth. Based on the reflective intensity, dentists can predict the location and severity of cavities. They can also determine where soft dentine lies that will be susceptible to decay in the future.

The procedure is painless, as the pen is gently moved about the mouth and does not come in hard contact with teeth. It is a kinder, gentler method of detecting where cavities are (even under filings) and where they are likely to be.

Is It Accurate?

Recent studies concluded that DIAGNOdent is very reliable in detecting occlusal caries (cavities) of primary teeth and has the same efficiency as observational and radiographic methods. In layman’s terms, the DIAGNOdent laser pen is as efficient in spotting cavities and problem areas as x-rays and does so without radiation. Benefits include:

  • Early cavity detection without radiation
  • Prevents nighttime and weekend toothaches
  • Allows dentists and hygienists to spot problem areas before they start
  • Detects even microscopic holes in dentine invisible to the naked eye
  • Early detection means less invasive and less expensive repairs
  • Less invasive and expensive repairs
  • Less pain and hassle down the road
  • Ensures perfect oral health all the time

Anyone who has ever woken up in the middle of the night with a toothache will appreciate the predictability of DIAGNOdent. No more popping painkillers on the weekend when the dentist is unavailable. Remember, dentists do not like the idea of patients suffering when they are not available. DIAGNOdent eliminates such situations and the fear associated with hours and days of misery with toothaches.

Save Money on Expensive Tooth Reconstruction

DIAGNOdent used regularly virtually eliminates a lot of expensive dental work later on. Teeth that can be saved before they get too bad are less likely to need procedures such as expensive root canals and crowns down the road. Need we remind you that tooth loss and implants cost a tidy sum? One implant to replace missing teeth can run as high as $2000. An average filling without insurance runs around $600. Some are even more expensive, depending on the severity of decay and the location of the tooth.

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