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If you are unhappy with your dull, discolored smile, you may be a good candidate for veneers. What about whitening, you ask? Whitening will only go so far and will not fix damaged, chipped, or oddly shaped teeth. If you want that perfect smile, you need veneers. Veneers come in several different forms and essentially fit over and become one with your existing teeth. If you’ve seen someone recently and their smile looks perfect, they probably have veneers—you can have that perfect smile, too.

If Whitening Won’t Do It

People whose teeth are chipped, damaged, or stained beyond repair are not candidates for whitening. In these cases, dentists will likely recommend veneers. Veneers fall into four categories:

  • Porcelain is the most aesthetic and least harmful material available for dental restorations. It is also the strongest and longest lasting of all veneer materials. The cost is generally around $1200 each.
  • Composite veneers are made of composite resin, a mixture of inorganic and organic materials. They are less durable than porcelain and tend to yellow over time. The cost is around $700 to $900 each.
  • Lumineers are constructed of ultra-thin laminate. While traditional veneers are 0.5 millimeters thick, Lumineers are just 0.3 millimeters thick, making them thinner and therefore easier to place on the teeth. The cost is around $800 to $2000 per tooth.
  • Instant veneers are a temporary fix from companies such as Instant Smile. Available online, they fit into your mouth by placing them in hot water and pressing your teeth into the soft fitting material. Instant veneers cost $20-$50. They are not recommended for long-term use only but as a temporary fix.

Why Porcelain Veneers

You may have heard that porcelain is the way to go when it comes to veneers. That is true and is what most dentists recommend for a variety of reasons.

  • Cover nicks, chips, and discoloration
  • Look and feel natural
  • Requires little enamel removal when placed
  • Does not discolor
  • Increases confidence in your smile
  • Is low maintenance

The preference for porcelain is universal. The material, thin and pliable, gives teeth a natural look and feel. Their less expensive alternative, composite, appears thicker and, as some people see it, gives teeth a gravestone look.

Are there Downsides to Veneers?

There are a couple of downsides to veneers. Once done, they are irreversible. To fit the material over your original teeth, the base teeth will be filed down. Once done, veneers cannot be removed.

Then there’s the cost. Dental insurance will not cover veneers, which means their substantial cost is out of pocket. The upside is that most dentists offer interest-free finance programs that allow you to pay off veneers over time.

The Douglas Family Dentistry Experience

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