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Are You Looking for Expert Dental Crowns in Scottsdale?

If you need dental crowns to enhance and correct your smile, then contact Scottsdale’s leading dental crown and general dentistry facility, Douglas Family Dentistry. Proudly serving the residents of Scottsdale and surrounding areas with over two decades of state-of-the-art dental procedures, Douglas Family Dentistry offers expert and customized dental crowns that will incorporate both functionality and beauty.

Dental Crowns & You

Dental crowns are dental implants that cap or encircle an entire tooth or even another dental implant. “A crown can make your tooth stronger and improve its appearance,” adds The American Dental Association’s Mouth Healthy website. “A crown can help strengthen a tooth with a large filling when there isn’t enough tooth remaining to hold the filling. Crowns can also be used to attach bridges, protect a weak tooth from breaking, or restore one that’s already broken. A crown is a good way to cover teeth that are discolored or badly shaped. It’s also used to cover a dental implant,” adds the ADA.

Dental crowns have many other benefits, besides helping to enhance the look of your smile. Dental crowns can help restore a tooth after a root canal treatment, protect a worn, broken, or chipped tooth, support a tooth damaged by trauma or decay, and more.

Scottsdale’s Dedicated Dentistry for Dental Crowns

Douglas Family Dentistry is one of Scottsdale’s most trusted, respected, and dedicated dental practices. Founded by Dr. Paul Douglas over two decades ago, Douglas Family Dentistry has the expertise and know-how to not only design state-of-the-art dental crowns for you, but also provide all-inclusive dental care and desired dental enhancements.

Douglas Family Dentistry uses the latest practices for patients’ dental crowns and begins each visit with a consultation, explaining all procedures. Dr. Douglas and his dental specialists at Scottsdale’s Douglas Family Dentistry furthermore understand that many individuals have stress and apprehension when visiting the dentists so if sedation dentistry needs to accompany your dental crown procedure, you can be assured of that as well!

So put an end to the notion of the “dreaded dental visit”. Contact Douglas Family Dentistry about your dental crowns today and be prepared to step into a stellar smile!