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Do you want to improve your smile without undergoing extensive dental surgery?  If you have a crooked smile or large gaps in your teeth, then you may be a great candidate for Invisalign.  An easy to use alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces,Invisalign in Scottsdale can fix a variety of bite problems without braces.  And the best part is that you don’t need an oral surgeon to do it!  The Invisalign teeth straightening system works without brackets or wires, and it can be removed while you eat.   It’s a simple to use and highly effective fix for a less than perfect smile that will have a dramatic impact on your self-confidence and your oral health.

If you suffer from problems related to your bite or are self-conscious about a crooked smile, Invisalign is a comfortable and effective solution that is customized just for you.  With Invisalign, customized “aligner trays” are created and worn in the mouth in order to facilitate gradual, gentle movement of the teeth into the correct position.  The aligner tray is replaced about every two weeks, providing the easiest and most efficient way to straighten your teeth.

You Invisalign program is developed by your dentist and there isn’t any extensive oral surgery or recovery time involved, making it easy to work into your daily life.  Invisalign’s innovative dental technology is so lightweight and well designed that most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing it.  It’s a stylish and comfortable alternative to heavy, bulky metal braces.

Choosing Invisalign to fix gaps in your teeth, correct problems with your bite or to correct crooked or protruding teeth is a smart choice for patients who are looking for the most convenient and comfortable method of teeth straightening.  The best way to decide if you are a good candidate for Invisalign is to schedule a consultation with your dentist.  A good dentist will go over your concerns and questions about the Invisalign system and will give you all the information you need to make the most informed decision.

See for yourself how Invisalign can not only improve the appearance of your smile, but that can improve the functioning of your teeth as well.  If you are ready to learn more about what Invisalign can do for you, contact your dentist today.