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The prospect of having to place even one or two missing teeth is not a happy one. But an entire arch? If you’ve been struggling with damaged or missing teeth and the idea of dentures doesn’t sit well, take heart. The advanced technology of All-on-Four multiple tooth replacement may be the answer.

All-on-Four replaces a full arch of teeth supported by four teeth implants. As a quick, minimally invasive, and extremely successful procedure, All-on-Four is the popular alternative to a mouthful of uncomfortable dentures. No embarrassing slippage. No annoying cleaning. All-on-Four is like having your original teeth back again.

How It’s Done

The All-on-Four dental implant procedure is similar to traditional dental implants in the preliminary stages. The surgery itself is a little different.

  • Preparation is different for each patient. Any active periodontal infection must be cleaned up and any remaining damaged teeth extracted. A dental impression is taken to ensure the proper fit of the prosthesis.
  • Surgery is usually performed under anesthesia. The surgeon places two dental implants in each of the front and back areas that act as anchors for the plate of missing teeth added between. Placement of the implants at a 45° angle provides stability on which to mount the entire fixed arch. The angle of the implants generally diminishes the need for bone grafting common with regular implants.
  • Fitting the Prosthesis can be immediate or delayed. Depending on the condition of your mouth, the dentist may have you return home with a temporary denture, and in 3-6 months, return for the final prosthesis fitting.

All-on-Four beats conventional implants:

  • Only four implants needed to support a full arch
  • Eliminates the need for bone grafting
  • The less invasive procedure reduces healing and rehabilitation time
  • More flexibility in designing and fitting optimum replacement teeth
  • Doesn’t require the same density of bone to secure the implant
  • Receive fixed teeth in as little as 24 hours after surgery

Who Is a Candidate for All-on-Four?

Your dentist is the best person to advise whether you should get All-on-Four implants. Generally, it’s a solution recommended for people with all or most teeth missing on an arch – whose teeth are damaged beyond repair and have significant bone loss. While regular implants require bone density, All-on-Four is just the opposite. Bone reduction may be required to make room for the prosthesis. People wearing traditional dentures will find the All-on-Four prosthesis lighter, less bulky, and certainly more maintenance-free than traditional dentures.


While no dental procedures are what you’d consider cheap, All-on-Four beats the cost of multi-implants by a mile. Half an arch of individual implants can cost upwards of $30,000 or more.

The All-on-Four cost ranges from $15,000 to $28,000. This sometimes does not include additional procedures such as the initial consultation or extractions. It’s wise to discuss the final cost with your dentist before committing to the procedure.

How much the All-on-Four procedure costs depends on where you live, the materials used, the specialist’s experience, and your location. The procedure in big expensive cities like New York or Los Angeles may fall well outside the average.

The Douglas Family Dentistry Experience

As a family dentist, we are happy to discuss special procedures like All-on-Four or other dental decisions you might be considering. If you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or the surrounding communities, Douglas Family Dentistry offers a friendly, professional environment for patients from kids to adults and seniors. Call us at 480-948-3680 or go to our website to schedule an appointment.