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  • GLO Whitening

    Seeking a GLO Whitening Dental Practice Here in Scottsdale? If you’re interested in GLO Whitening, then consider the dental specialists at Douglas Family Dentistry, Scottsdale’s most trusted dental practice for GLO Whitening as well as comprehensive dental care and procedures. Proudly serving the residents of Scottsdale as well as surrounding areas, Douglas Family Dentistry wants to help you achieve the brightest smile as well as maintain optimal oral health. GLO Whitening & You Wi....


    Category: teeth whitening


  • Sedation Dentist

    Searching for the Perfect Scottsdale Sedation Dentist? For many, a trip to the dentist comes with stress, anxiety, and apprehension. So, if you’re in Scottsdale and suffer from “I dread going to the dentist syndrome”, then it’s time to contact Douglas Family Dentistry for the comprehensive sedation dentistry you need. Understanding Sedation Dentistry Since visits to the dentist can make many individuals feel uncomfortable, various medications are available to relax and bring ease to t....


    Category: Sedation Dentistry


  • Root Canal Therapy

    If it’s time for a root canal, then it’s time to seek the assistance of Scottsdale’s premier dental practice that offers efficient and effective root canal treatment, Douglas Family Dentistry. With over two decades of dental experience and service to Scottsdale as well as surrounding communities, Douglas Family Dentistry offers effective root canal treatment as well as a wide range of dental procedures, sure to enhance your smile and promote your overall oral health. Understanding a Root ....


    Category: Root Canal Treatment


  • Oral Cancer Screening

    Are You Seeking a Scottsdale Dental Specialist for Your Oral Cancer Screening? If you suspect that you have oral cancer, then trust your concerns to the competent and caring team of Scottsdale’s Douglas Family Dentistry. Offering advanced dental care as well as comprehensive oral cancer screenings, Douglas Family Dentistry can assist with proper oral cancer diagnosis and support. Understanding Oral Cancer According to data released from the Oral Cancer Foundation, “Close to 49,750 America....


    Category: Preventive Dentistry


  • Periodontitis Treatment

    Are You Searching for a Scottsdale Dentist with Periodontal Disease Prevention Dental Care? If you suspect you have Periodontitis, then consider Douglas Family Dentistry, for the Periodontal Disease prevention dental care you deserve. Proudly serving the Scottsdale area as well as surrounding communities, Douglas Family Dentistry has the innovation and techniques to effectively and efficiently screen you for Periodontal Disease and create a plan for Periodontal Disease prevention. Understan....


    Category: Periodontitis


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