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Many types of modern dental technology have made it possible to diagnose and treat various dental problems more easily and with more accuracy than ever. Lasers, which produce a very concentrated, narrow beam of light, have many applications in both dental diagnosis and treatment. The DIAGNOdent laser machine is one of these exciting new applications. This machine, which is a wand that is no bigger than a large pen, can be inserted into the patient’s mouth to examine the tooth enamel for the development of dental decay. This means that a dentist who is using this tool can find decay when it is very minor and treat it in a more non-invasive way, saving the patient time, money, and pain.

The Benefit of Early Detection

The teeth are relatively small structures that are covered in a layer of enamel. Unlike some other parts of the human body, they cannot repair themselves. The more the tooth is allowed to decay, the more complex and invasive the treatment that is required to fix them will be. However, with the DIAGNOdent laser, it is possible to find even the smallest amount of decay very early, before it turns into a problem requiring an extraction, a root canal, or even just a dental filling. Because of this, a problem may be repaired with something as small as the application of antibiotic paste to a pocket area or something similar, rather than extensive drilling, fillings or other measures. This is truly wonderful for patients who do not relish the idea of spending many hours at the dentist.

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