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Looking For A Devoted Dental Crowns Or Dental Caps Dentist In Scottsdale, CA?

Putting your best face forward includes your best smile, so if it’s possibly time for dental crowns or caps on your teeth, then consider the dental professionals at Douglas Family Dentistry in Scottsdale.

Proudly serving not only the Scottsdale area but the surrounding areas as well, Douglas Family Dentistry provides patients with the most natural looking and functional crowns, and creates them with state-of-the-art ingenuity!

Understanding Dental Crowns

The American College of Prosthodontics offers details about crowns. “Crowns cover or “cap” a tooth to restore the normal function and appearance of the tooth. Crowns may be made as all metal, porcelain fused to metal, or all-ceramic (porcelain). Crowns are indicated for teeth with very large fillings, teeth that have had a root canal, fractured teeth, worn teeth due to grinding, and misshapen or discolored teeth.”

Dental crowns have restorative and functional uses as well. Commonly used to support damaged teeth, dental crowns can cover or “cap” damaged or chipped teeth. In many cases, a patient’s speech will improve due to a perfect-fitting dental crown.

Regardless of your reason for inquiring about or desiring them, dental crowns can provide the “perfect finish” to your smile!

Why Choose Douglas Family Dentistry for Your Dental Crowns?

Whether you’re seeking to mask a lower chipped tooth or provide continuity to your front row of teeth, dental crowns can be the perfect choice for you. At Scottsdale’s Douglas Family Dentistry, you’ll receive a comprehensive consultation that will involve discussion about your goals, as well as an examination of the present state of your teeth.

Founded by Dr. Paul Douglas over two decades ago, Douglas Family Dentistry is Scottsdale’s premiere “dental destination” for perfectly fitting and functional dental crowns. Drs. Douglas and Gawrys take immense pride in providing care to patients that is inviting, welcoming, and on-going.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of dental crowns based upon your lifestyle and usage, and then have them expertly made by the dental specialists at Douglas Family Dentistry. Dr. Douglas will combine the latest and most innovative technology to create the most impeccable dental crowns for you.

So, for the perfect smile you’ve always wanted, contact Scottsdale’s Douglas Family Dentistry and discuss your dental crows and other dental options today!