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  • Which teeth whitening system is for you?

    Most everyone understands that you’re initially judged by appearances, and to make a great first impression, you need to start with a dazzling smile.  You may have been blessed with great teeth, straight and bright without the help of man-made products. But the reality is, very few people can achieve that perfect smile without the help of a skilled dentist and top notch dental products.  Orthodontics will make your teeth straight and whitening systems can transform those straight teeth in....


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  • The advantages of Invisalign braces over traditional braces

    If first impressions mean anything, then one of the ways you are initially judged is by your smile.  Nothing beats a beautiful smile with clean and straight teeth to break the ice.  While many people may not think about it as much, having straight teeth is also important to your overall dental health. If you’re a busy person on the go, or you’re in a situation where you want straight teeth, but you’re concerned about the unsightly and uncomfortable nature of traditional braces, then I....


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  • What you should know about dental bridges

    A dental bridge is just what the name implies -- it is an appliance that bridges the gap between one or more missing teeth.  Bridges can restore your smile, help you to chew more effectively and maintain a healthy mouth.  Bridges keep your other teeth in line and prevent them from drifting into the gap created by the space where your missing tooth used to be.  When teeth drift into open spaces, they can impact the entire mouth, affecting your bite and placing more stress on your remaining tee....


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  • Causes and cures for dry mouth

    Dry mouth, also known by the clinical name xerostomia, takes place when your body does not make enough saliva.  Saliva is important to our health because it not only cleanses our mouth, it helps us digest food while preventing infections that can be caused by bacteria and fungi in our mouths.  When dry mouth persists for long periods, in can result in gum disease, tooth decay and mouth infections such as thrush. As the name implies, dry mouth is characterized by frequent thirst, bad breath,....


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  • The advantages of dental implants

    As people grow older, the chances that they will lose one or more teeth to decay or gum disease increase significantly.  To fill in these gaps, the only solutions until a few years ago remained bridges and dentures.  However, through advances in dental technology, patients can now enjoy the better option of dental implants. Dental implants enjoy a success rate of more than 98 percent and will last for a person’s entire life after installation. The procedure is fairly simple. A small ti....


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  • What you should know about dental crowns

    Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over the remnants of an existing tooth.  This gives the impression that the tooth has been restored to its full shape and size, restoring its strength and appearance. Crowns are used in a number of situations.  They may be put in place to protect an existing weak tooth or to restore or cover a broken tooth.  Dentists may choose to use them in cases where a large filling that has been drilled does not leave enough of a tooth to provide a....


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  • Why you might be experiencing jaw pain

    There are several possible reasons why a person might experience jaw pain.  This pain can manifest itself as stiffness, soreness, popping or a clicking sound when eating or talking and the pain can vary from mild to intense.  Since you use your jaw almost constantly, any pain whatsoever is going to disrupt your normal daily routine. Before you can have jaw pain treated, you first need to determine what’s causing the pain and then visit your dentist for an appropriate corresponding course ....


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  • Using lasers to treat periodontal disease

    Many times periodontal disease will show up in people in their 30s and 40s.  Diseased teeth and gums can be quite common, especially when teeth and gums are neglected over a period of time. Brushing and flossing are two of the best preventative measures to help get rid of plaque, which causes tooth and gum disease.  But as the plaque solidifies, it forms tartar and a more effective method may be required to keep teeth and gums healthy. This is when laser gum therapy can be used for optim....


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  • It’s no contest when choosing tooth colored fillings over silver

    Looks matter, especially when it comes to your teeth and your smile.  Although cavities are a direct challenge to maintaining your award-winning smile, they don’t have to be a permanent barrier to having a great looking grin. In years past, most cavities were filled with various metals; fillingswere made out of tin, copper, mercury, zinc and silver.  Known as amalgam, this was the standard for many years.  It was cost-effective but came at the cost of unsightly silver on a person’s t....


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  • Night guards protect against grinding and clenching teeth

    One of the more destructive dental problems that people face takes place at a time when they don’t even know that they are doing it.  That’s because grinding and clenching teeth usually takes place when a person is fast asleep.  Bruxism, as it is known in medical terms, is a major cause of tooth, gum and jaw problems.  And if it isn’t addressed, the problems can only compound themselves. When a person continuously grinds on their teeth, they flatten the surface, causing pain, cracked....


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