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Diagnostic imaging in dentistry is more sophisticated now than ever before. Much of this is due to the advances made in computer and digital imaging technology, which empower dentists to diagnose issues using less radiation and with greater effectiveness and accuracy. Digital intraoral imaging can diagnose a cracked tooth or gum disease and can let the dentist show you the image of your own teeth on a screen so you can see what’s wrong! Since the images are on computer, they can also be sent to the insurance companies more easily so that claims can be expedited. These digital images can be easily shared among various specialty practitioners and make every phase of diagnosis and treatment easier.

How the Intraoral Camera Works

The intraoral camera is a device that can be inserted into a patient’s mouth to view real time images of the outside of the gums or of a tooth. It is about the size of a large pen and can be easily moved around to check different angles. This allows the dentist to see any potential problems or decay that needs treatment so that precise decisions can be made about what should be done. Corroded fillings, fractured or cracked teeth or gum infections can be quickly spotted by the dentist with this technology. The digital image will also help the dentist to show you what areas need treatment and will clarify the explanations you get about what is being planned for your therapy.

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