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  1. How much would it cost to fix my smile?

Depending on the services you are seeking, various factors will determine the costs, such as the amount of time the procedure takes to complete and its difficulty.

  1. Will my dental insurance cover my cosmetic procedures?

Unfortunately, most dental insurance plans do not pay towards cosmetic procedures because your already-low benefits per year, often go towards routine checkups. Therefore, insurance companies usually try to offer the least expensive options, while also ignoring your specific dental needs and wants. On the upside, most dental offices and mainly, AACD dentists, will do everything they can to get the most out of your benefits. They may occasionally offer financing options so that you can move forward with the treatments.

  1. Where do I start if I want dental implants?

Just like every other dental procedure, you will need to visit your general dentist first. There, they will be able to examine your teeth and consider what you are looking to get done. Doing so will allow them to help you make a final, more informed decision moving forward. From your general dentist, you will most likely then be referred to specialists who are more equipped to perform and handle your dental treatments.

  1. Will tooth whitening damage my enamel?

Fortunately, tooth whitening will not cause any permanent damage to your enamel or any other tooth structures.

  1. Will my teeth be permanently sensitive after whitening them?

Any sensitivity caused by tooth whitening will eventually go away within the first couple of days following the procedure. Any sensitivity present after those initial two days was already there before the treatment.

  1. How long can I expect my tooth whitening to last?

In most cases, tooth whitening can last anywhere from six months to two years. In some cases, studies showed results that lasted up to ten years. If you want to help preserve your results, you can try to avoid teeth staining agents, including smoking, coffee, and red wine.

  1. Can I get cavities with veneers?

If you treat your veneers with proper care, there are no more or fewer tooth decay occurrences caused by the veneers.

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